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Friday, August 4, 2017

Be Featured on Our Blogs & Social Networks

So you are in business and you use social media to grow your business. Are you looking for another unique way to to build your brand, your online presence that stands out from everyone else? 

Let Us Feature Your Business...

We are looking for Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Startups just beginning their business that may have an interest in getting more exposure for their business. The following information is what we require. Please fill out the contact form below. 

Requirements: You must have at least 3 active social sites: Twitter, Facebook Business Page, Google Business Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

The following information and questions are what we require:
Company name:
Founded by:
Favorite quote
Social sites:
About your product or service:

1. How long have you been an entrepreneur or small business owner and what inspired you to start?
2. What are some obstacles/challenges made you the leader you are in your business today?
3. How has your employment experience helped in launching and growing a successful business?
4. What advice can you share to women or small business owners who wants to start a business in your industry?
5. How do you maintain a Work| Family | Life Balance?
6. Do you have a mentor?
7. How has mentor-ship made a difference in your professional and personal life?
8. What is the most important life or business lessons you have learned?
9. Where can we reach your services? Please include your Website or Blog, Twitter, Facebook Page, Google Page, Phone # and Email Address as well as your business hours.

 Please fill our contact form to the right of the screen or above and we will forward to you all additional information along with our questions. If you have any questions before submitting please email us.

Your post will be posted to our social sites:
  • Twitter 
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page
  • Google Plus
  • Ping Service (once a day)
We are working on other services to create more exposure for your business, by submitting your email to us you will be included in any other promotions we may have.

We are looking forward to working you and making 2017 and beyond successful.

To your success,




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