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Friday, April 21, 2017

Women In Business-Allison Janes MaryKay Skin Care & Makeup Consultant

Women In Business-Introducing Allison Janes, MaryKay Skincare & Makeup Consultant. 

'I truly believe that serving customers is one of the greatest factors that sets us apart from every other company"

Introduce Yourself

My business caters to all those who like to improve their image and self-confidence by teaching you how to take care of your face, and skin in general, the application of natural looking makeup or glamor, and earning a decent income if you decide to become a consultant.

How long have you been an entrepreneur?

I have been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant since 1999.

What are some obstacles you faced along the way?

Because there are obstacles to making progress in any business, I have not been the exception to the rule. I was about to enter directorship when my mother and closest friend was diagnosed with cancer. Even though I filled my clients' orders, I did not have the time to pursue building my business. Six months after diagnosis, my dear mom passed away, and due to my grief and also other setbacks that followed, I did not have what it took to continue business on the same level.

What are some things that helped you to succeed despite the challenge?

I discovered that the business carried itself when I felt incapable of giving it my attentions! The orders never ceased coming in, and because my first responsibility is always to satisfy the needs of others, I did what it took to have what they need.

What has been an entrepreneur changed your outlook in your business life?

Being an entrepreneur has changed my outlook with regards to making an income, not only do I enjoy working with my loyal clients, but it's always good to know that this particular avenue of business is always waiting when you decide to move forward and increase in size.

What advice would you share to any female entrepreneur about starting a business?

The advice I would give to anyone starting her own business is to stick to what you love to do and be fair to anyone and generous in all you do.

Where can we reach your services?

Allison Janes
Phone: 704-678-6875
Website: Click Here
Business Hours: 10:00- 5:00 pm EST

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

I can put together the perfect event for any occasion-bridal shower, proms, graduation, wedding, anniversary or some pampering "me" time. "Let's set a date for fun"

'Get Noticed'

Need a new look? Your Beauty Consultant has the latest beauty tips tricks to help you turn heads! Text Me!

We want to wish Allison all the success for 2017, and that she is a wonderful example in that overcoming grief is a very long and difficult process, but despite all that, she did not give up.

If you are a female entrepreneur learn how we can feature your business on our blogs and our social media sites. We are happy to join forces to get the word out there about your business. We are happy to share Allison Janes story. Visit her website and shop with her anytime, anywhere.

To Your Success,



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