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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Women In Business-Carol Mortarotti-Social Media Marketing Expert

Women In Business-Introducing Carol Mortarotti, Social Media Marketing Expert

Introduce Yourself

My name is Carol Mortarotti. I grew up in Chappaqua, NY, I am a proud mother of an amazing 26 year old son, a former pro tennis player and worked as one of the few women on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Tell us about your Business

Up until 2007 life was pretty wonderful. Then in 2007 I was laid off and I wasn't sure of what I was going to do next. I knew I had decades of experience that should be valuable to companies but due to the downsizing economy they weren't interested in hiring people of my age. That is when I came up with the idea to create an online course that would help others in the same situation.

In 2011 I launched Expert Niche Academy. In the program I teach you how to discover a profitable niche if you don't have one or take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into an online business. I also teach you how to position yourself as the go-to-expert in your industry. It's an online program but I can be hired for one-on-one coaching sessions.

After losing my ex-husband to suicide in 2011 and having my world turned upside down instantly I spent years learning how to heal so I could be a good role model for our son and go on with my life. I didn't want to live a life full of sadness and grief. In 2017 I started a second business called Forgive and Conquer. I help others that have also lost a loved one, or a career they worked hard to acheive, or a meaningful relationship, or they could be holding on to anger, blame, resentment towards someone who has wronged them...release the pain they are holding on to so they can be set free and then go on to conquer their future.

How long have you been an entrepreneur and what inspired you to start?

Since I was around ten years old I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, it just took me a while to get there.

What are some obstacles you faced along the way?

I was told by many (not family) that I would never be able to play tennis professionally because I started at too old an age (11 years old) and then when I went to work on Wall Street, being a woman I was told I would never move up the ranks. I turned those no's into yes's and it motivate me to prove them wrong.

What are some things that helped you to succeed?

My inner self belief system where I truly believed I could do whatever I set out to do, my persistence, perseverance and tenacity.

How has being an entrepreneur changed your outlook in your business life?

I was thankful for working in the corporate world but I now enjoy living the life of an entrepreneur because it allows me the lifestyle of working wherever that may be. I spend a lot of time with my family who live all around the country. I am more relaxed now and take the time to smell the roses.

What advice would you share to any female entrepreneur about starting her own business?

You are going to get a lot of resistance from men and other women who are jealous that you are pursuing your dreams. Don't listen to them and be unstoppable. Also, don't be married to only one idea that will get you to your goal, if something isn't working change the path.

Where can we reach your services?

Carol Mortarotti
Phone: 914.391.8489
Email: carol@carolmortarotti.com
Business Hours: 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. EST
Website: Carol Mortarotti & ForgiveandConquer
Follow me on Twitter & Google+
Facebook Business Pages: ExpertNicheAcademy & ForgiveandConquer

What People are Saying:

Carol is an incredible Leader and Coach who has taken her extensive success in the Wall Street environment into the Internet Marketing world and achieved tremendous results. I have worked directly with Carol on several occasions and would encourage anyone who is looking to make a successful transition into having a successful business online to get in touch with her. She is one of the best at what she does! Jerry Ellefson/ Co-Founder ppcXpress  

I’ve hired Carol several times to help me drive my niche brand awareness campaigns. More than doing it for me she taught me about social media and its place in my marketing and expansion plans for my success and satisfaction-coaching program. Carol is passionate about her clients’ businesses and over-delivers in execution, instruction, and follow-up.  She provides terrific value!  Jennifer Rosenwald / Business & Life Coach /

If you are a female entrepreneurs learn how we can feature your business on our blogs and our social networks. We are happy to join forces to get the word out there about your business, talk about your struggles and triumph just like Carol Mortarotti, our featured Women In Business. We are happy to share her inspiring story, to help others see that you can overcome anything, with the right support.



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