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Monday, February 6, 2017

Social Media Management for Small Business

"Social Media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage and build relationships." David Alston

Be Focused

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make is thinking they need to "do" every social media network, from Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter.

In fact, many small businesses find success by focusing their efforts on one network where they feel they can successfully recruit customers.


Plenty of tools exist to automate your social media marketing, including Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social and Buffer. Use them to schedule your updates and see analytics about the performance of your accounts. Another great automation option is, which creates "recipes" for repetitive online tasks. For example, if you'd like a picture and post to Twitter to automatically be posted to Facebook, or have any of your social media photos be automatically saved to Dropbox, can do that.

Track and Evaluate

You'll want to regularly evaluate whether or not your social media marketing activities are bearing fruit. To do that, first decide what you want to track--new followers, likes, mentions, comments etc. Then decide on a time frame you want to track. Read more: 5 Secrets for Effective Social Media Management. Author: Amanda McCormick...Continue reading...

6 Steps to Get Started With Marketing Your Business: 1. Create Your Value Proposition. 2. Set up a Basic Website. 3.Find Your Best Customers. 4. Email Marketing. 5. Use Social Media to Market Your Business. 6. Get Great Design--on a Dime.

Marketing. You've heard about it, you know it's important for your business, but still you may find the task of growing your business and getting it's name out there an overwhelming one.

With all the different marketing strategies and schools of thought out there ranging from content marketing to email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing and more-it can be difficult to choose the best way to allocate your limited amount of time and financial resources in a way that'll net you the highest return on your marketing dollar. Continue reading...

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What are your thoughts on the challenges of managing your social media? Which social network would your business focus on? Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

To Your Success,
NCB Group Team



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